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U.S. Department of Education Policy Guidance Letters 


How to Conduct a Needs and Resources Assessment Study in Your Community

  • How to Conduct a Needs and Resources Assessment Study in Your Community: A Training Manual for NYC Community Leaders and Human Service Staff. 1991. Most recent edition 2005. Download PDF


Workforce Development and Economic Independence

  • How to Maximize Free or Affordable Online Career Pathways Training Resources-A guide for starting or climbing your career ladder. 2022. Prepared for Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island (JCCGCI). Download PDF


  • How Mayor de Blasio’s New Career Pathways Workforce Initiatives Can Be More Responsive to the Needs of the Brooklyn Haredi Jewish Communities  2015              Download PDF


  • A Working Report. Strategies and Resources for Helping Poor Families in the Chassidic Community of Williamsburg Achieve Economic Self-Sufficiency. UJA-Federation, UJO of Williamsburg, Met Council on Jewish Poverty.  2008.  Download PDF.


  • South Williamsburg Workforce Development Needs and Resources Study, prepared for the Consortium for Worker Education (CWE) and the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg (UJO), Inc. 2004. Download PDF


Non-Public School Education

  • COVID-19 Policy Alert: Open up the NYC-DOHMH regulated Article 47 and 43 childcare centers  download pdf 
  • Making the Promise of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) a Reality for New York City Private School Children. Sephardic Community Federation and TeachNYS. 2015 Download PDF
  • Free Resources for Helping Private Schools Succeed with the Common Core Standards. A Guide for New York Yeshiva School Principals and Teachers Teach NYS. 2014.  Download PDF
  • Response to the New York City Council Briefing Paper on Special Education. 2014. download PDF
  •  Covering Related Services through the Medicaid EPSDT Program: A Community Outreach Program will ensure that all New York State children enrolled in Medicaid Receive the Speech, OT, PT and Counseling Services They Need and are Entitled to Under Federal and State Medicaid Law. Teach NYS. 2013. Download PDF
  • Yiddish Native Language Struggling Readers: A NCLB Title III Part A Funded Program. Program Description, Legislative, Policy and Research Sources. 2011. Download PDF
  • Why Aren’t New York City Yeshivas Receiving Their Fair Share of NCLB Funds and Services and What Can Be Done to Remedy This Inequity? Sephardic Community Federation. 2007 Download PDF


New York City Systems Wide Policy Research

  • How to fill NYC-DOE 3K and UPK Empty Seats, 39,000 total, in the 32 School Districts Preschool Programs.  2023. Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island and the Boro Park Jewish Community Council. download PDF
  • Senior Homelessness Prevention Program (SHPP) Policy Paper. BronxWorks.  2016.  Download PDF.
  • From Compstat to Foodstat: How New York City Neighborhood Based Data Can Help Increase Food Stamp Participation 2007. Download PDF
  • Housing Court Usage and Preventive/Intervention Services: A Comparative Study of Low Income Renters and Borough Housing Courts. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) 1997. Updated in 2001. Download PDF
  • Unequal Slices: A Study of the Distribution of Selected Government and Private Funding Sources to New York City Neighborhood Service Providers and Community Districts. 1997. published as a working paper by the Michael Harrington Center for Democratic Values and Social Change at Queens College-CUNY. Download PDF


Community Needs and Resources Studies

  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)-Bronx Works. Positive Living Program Needs and Resources Study. 2006  Download PDF
  • Pre-Nomination Study of the Broadway Triangle Urban Renewal Area. United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg and Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council. 2006 Download PDF
  • Health Plan Enrollment Feasibility Study of the Williamsburg Brooklyn Chassidic Jewish Community. CenterCare, Inc and Targem Communications. 2005.
  • A Needs and Resources Assessment Study of the Neighborhoods of Northwest Queens. Sunnyside Community Services (SCS), Inc. 2000
  • Northern Manhattan Washington Heights and Inwood A Community in Transition: State of Current Resources and Needs. Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, May 1989. co-author with Beth Rosenthal. Update was conducted in 1994-95. Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan for Washington Heights and Inwood.



  • A Report on Preventing any Further Desecration of the Jewish Cemetery of Thessaloniki, Greece. Findings, Concerns and Recommendations 2008. Download PDF
  • New York City Landmark Designation Report for 118-120 South 8th Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York September, 2006. Download PDF